our Mission

Our Mission


In Sotex we have a firm mission; to deliver to our customers the highest quality of cotton wear & blend with optimum pricing.
In Sotex, our mission is to constantly provide the market with designs that is constantly updated according to latest fashion trends to suit the various customer categories.

In Sotex, our mission is to venture the markets -inside and outside- Egypt with products known with outstanding quality.

In Sotex, our mission is to expand our current client’s base to include local and international markets.

In Sotex, our mission is combine the latest technology in the production process and transferring latest worldwide expertise along with .



Human Resources

Sotex first started by 60 employees & now reached about 200 skilled workers& employees comprising different expertise of engineers, designers, executives & quality inspectors .
Sotex depends highly on the skill and enthusiasm of the staff to reach higher levels. 
In addition to our work force the factory is equipped with modern sewing machines and finishing units that are continuously updated and modified.

The factory is located in ElMahalla ElKobra – Egypt and spreading over an area of 800 meter square.